A unique oil

Our aim is to get healthy, balanced and nutritious fruits by cropping systems that maintain and enhance the fertility of the land. We use clean production methods to achieve a fruit of high quality and free of chemical residues.

But what is the difference between the organic oil “Noblezza” and a conventional one?

The relevant regulations and the existence of a certification ensure that the differences are in the production process:

• No contamination of soil and groundwater due to the use of pesticides.

• Increase in biodiversity.

• Maintenance of the structure and microorganisms of the soil.

• Reduction in the leaching of mineral elements, because of the key role played by the organic matter.

• Importance of natural balances, which protect crops using natural methods of defence.

• Maximum use of local natural resources and renewable resources.

• Reduction in energy input and, therefore, in foreign dependence on agriculture.

Thus, these differences lie in the defence of the environment and rural area and, especially, in the product's quality and the consumer's health.