Finca Santa Elena is a full rental property that obtained the quality label "SELLO DE TURISMO FAMILIAR", awarded by the Spanish federation of large families (FEFN), and the eco-label "SELLO DE TURISMO ECOLÓGICO". Located between Ontinyent and Fontanars dels Alforins, this villa is an hour’s drive from the cities of Valencia and Alicante and close to all the wineries of the so-called “Valencian Tuscany”.

Endowed with a great ecological value, Finca Santa Elena is an extraordinary location for ecotourism and for those who want PRIVACY AND EXCLUSIVITY. 

What we offer

We offer high-quality facilities and services, endorsed and guaranteed by the Valencian accommodation guide TEMPS.

Not only Finca Santa Elena offers accommodation, but also holds events in a unique and private setting.

The villa, all of it cultivated in organic farming, has a country house of over 1,000 square metres and a fenced garden of over 14,000 square metres.